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WebSitePulse 2013 Tax Performance and Uptime Report

As much as you’ve been long awaiting the spring, your anticipation could fade quickly as the blooming flowers and singing birds mean that the start of the the tax season is near. And taxes could be a big headache if you don’t take precautions early enough.

Beware of scams

As usual, while filing your taxes online can be hassle-free, it can just as well be a nightmare - you must stay alert for the different types of scams such as: identity theft, phishing (unsolicited e-mail or a fake tax-return website),“free-money” from IRS, and what not. If you have indeed secured yourself against the above scam practices by conducting a detailed research on the latest news and advice regarding the tax season, you are still not fully safe because the tax-return website you have chosen might not be “tax-friendly”. This means the e-filing process may be interrupted due to technical issues. Then you must start the process from scratch - all over again, but only if you did not wait until the last minute and missed the deadline.

We at WebSitePulse, are not able to protect you from any tax-scams. However, we will monitor several of the most popular tax websites during the period of April 03 through April 15, 2013 and report on their performance on a daily basis. By providing information on the reliability of those websites, we hope to be useful in helping you choose a suitable tax-return website and thus ensure a smoother web tax-filling process.

Performance Reports

The most important metrics for the availability and reliability of any e-process are website response time and website uptime, which is why WebSitePulse performance reports focus on those two.

The reports reflect not only the tax websites’ home pages performance, but any web transaction process as well. To be specific, measurements of e-transactions are made every 15 minutes, from 3 different monitoring locations in the U.S. Also, to ensure the accuracy of the monitoring recordings, we use false alarm prevention system and error verification controls. The tax-return websites response and uptime reports will be published after April 3rd, 2013, where you can find information on uptime, performance and availability.