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WebSitePulse 2014 Mother's Day Retail Performance and Uptime Report

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and both on and offline retailers should be well-prepared to provide excellent service and products to their clients looking to buy gifts for their mothers and wives.

Online retailers such as websites for gifts, flowers, chocolate, gift cards, beauty treatments and more, must beware of heavy traffic load especially during the last days before Mother’s Day as, as it usually happens, many of the online visitors would wait until the last moment to purchase gifts online.

If any of the websites is slow or unavailable even for a short time, its visitors might not be able to successfully select and purchase a product. Failure to choose and buy an item may eventually drive visitors away from this website which would then lead to revenue loss for the website owners.

We have chosen to monitor several of the most popular websites used for gift purchases for moms to see whether they could bear the high traffic during the period between May 1th and May 12th.

We will be monitoring these websites’ performance and availability, updating detailed daily reports and charts and will be publishing the results on this page. These reports will reflect not only the performance of the websites' home pages, but also complete web transactions for the end users' interactions with these websites. Measurements of the multi- step web transactions are made every 15 minutes, from 3 different monitoring locations.