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WebSitePulse 2014 Valentine's Day Online Retail Performance and Uptime Report

After the holiday season in 2013, which ended the beginning of January 2014, retailers are now preparing to welcome the next huge shopping fever – St. Valentine’s Day.

More customers are now purchasing gifts online as it’s easier, cheaper and faster – just a few clicks away. According to an article on prweb.com, "the migration to digital is a transition, not a trend." The article also states that "consumers spoke loud and clear with their time and wallets in 2013, telling the market that gains by online retailers were no accident.”

Therefore, those retailers which are awaiting St. Valentine’s shopping with hopes they will be successful in sales this season, must - by all means - take a good care of their websites. In order to really satisfy the online shoppers, they must know that now being competitive and successful is not just about what they sell, but also how they sell it. As high traffic volume is expected during February 1st and February 16th, online retailers must make sure their websites are up and run fast 24/7. High downtime and response time mean disappointed customers – regardless of how great your Valentine’s gifts are.

As usual, we are going to monitor 7 of the most popular online retailers for Valentine’s day gifts. In the previous years, many of them had 100% availability and excellent performance, but let’s not forget that online shopping’s popularity has been growing as "it’s a transition, not a trend.” While traffic load is increasing with every shopping season, online customers become more pretentious regarding the websites’ performance. Thus, some websites might not be able to bear the heavy traffic and/or keep low response time just as they did in the previous years. Stay tuned and keep an eye on the daily stats we’ll be publishing for each of the monitored websites.