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WebSitePulse 2015 Holiday Retail Performance and Uptime Report

Holiday Season is just around the corner and FedEx is predicting “a record-breaking holiday season, forecasting shipments between Black Friday and Christmas Eve will jump about 12% from last year,” according to http://fortune.com/.

12% increase in shipments mean that FedEx is expecting to move about 317 million shipments during that period. In addition,

“Many forecasters are forecasting a 3.5%-4% overall increase in total holiday sales, a deceleration from last year’s 5.2% growth. But the e-commerce segment remains a hot growth area as more shoppers move online for their holiday shopping needs. E-commerce sales are forecast to rise between 6% to 8% in 2015, hitting as much as $105 billion, the National Retail Federation has estimated,” Fortune.com also noted.

As usual, we have decided to monitor 11 of the most popular websites for shopping online. Considering the forecasts above, however, we must note that such an increase in e- commerce may turn horribly wrong for some of these websites if they are not prepared to bear the heavy traffic load. In other words, the heavy traffic may cause the website to slow down or to crash which then may lead to a number of lost customers.

Thus, keeping your website up and running at all times is of utmost importance.

We will be publishing daily reports of each of the monitored websites in the period between November 24th , 2015 and January 4th, 2016, so stay tuned.