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WebSitePulse 2015 Mother's Day Retail Performance and Uptime Report

The spring is blooming and is about to climax with one of the dearest celebrations of all - Mother’s Day (May 10th).

Let’s all agree that Mother’s Day must be celebrated every single day. However, most of us probably wish to express their love for sisters, mothers, grandmothers, friends, beloved ones, etc. by purchasing genuine gifts for that very day, anyway.

Mother’s Day, therefore, is a vital period for merchants selling flowers, cards, candies, and beauty and luxury items as they will be expecting a boost in sales, too. Those merchants, who rely heavily on online sales, then, are expected to put an extra effort in maintaining a flawless website performance and availability. Because, what do you need great products to sell for if your customers are unable to load your webpages and purchase your items?

As a monitoring company, we can’t stress more on the importance of monitoring your websites and servers 24/7 just to make sure their performance and availability is spotless. As a result, you will avoid revenue loss and will retain your clients.

We decided to monitor 12 of the most popular websites for gifts purchasing in order to see whether they could handle the heavy traffic load during the period of May 1st until May 10th. We will be recording detailed statistics on a daily basis and will be publishing them here. After Mather’s Day, we will summarize the results and see how our monitored targets performed.

Stay tuned.