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WebSitePulse Promotional Offers

Welcome, and thank you for your time visiting WebSitePulse redesigned and re-engineered monitoring system.

Here are some of our ways to appreciate your interest and confidence in our system as well as your feedback and recommendations helping us make it better:
  • Open your Free trial account now, and test any monitoring configurations you like. Your account will be completely free for the next 30 days and you have no obligations after that.
  • Open your Free trial account now, and you could be one of our 10 winners who will be selected by draw before the end of 2005. Each of the 10 winners will get a $1000 worth of monitoring services and options to use towards his new account.
  • Open your Free trial account now and enjoy 15% discount of our current prices until the end of 2006 if you decide to use our services after your trial expires.
  • Give us your feedback using the "Talk back to us" notepads we have opened on each page of our website for your convenience and win one of the three Creative MuVo MP3 players we will be drawing before Christmas.

  • Help us spread the word about our re-engineered system and redesigned website and - together with your friends - become part of the largest giveaway in the Web-monitoring industry.

Do your friend a favor

If you have any questions about these promotional offers and our services, or need help, please contact Support at 1-888-WSPULSE (977-8573) x2 or email at . We are here to help you 24/7.

Good Luck and takeITeasy with WebSitePulse!

Past promotional offers winners