Do the Math

The following resources will help you determine the savings you can realize by using the WebSitePulse advanced monitoring services.

A. Without WebSitePulse

1. In most cases it will take at least 1-2 hours before you find out that your or web system is down during the day and 5-6 hours during the night.
Therefore, your downtime before even troubleshooting begins is between 60 and 360 minutes per incident. Here are some typical numbers showing average losses provided by APM Advisors to help your calculations.

Please, select your Industry and Operation OR your Application:

Industry and operation types
 IndustryOperationAvg. Cost per
Downtime Hour
FinancialBrokerage Operations$6,450,000
FinancialCredit Card$2,600,000
MediaPay per view$150,000
RetailHome TV Shopping$113,000
RetailCatalog Sales$90,000
TransportationAirline reservations$89,000
MediaTeleticket Sales$69,000
TransportationPackage Shipping$28,000
FinancialATM Fees$14,000

Application types
 ApplicationAvg. Cost per
Downtime Minute
Supply Chain Mgmt$11,000
Internet Banking$7,000
Customer Service Center$3,700
Electronic Funds Transfer$3,500

2. The industry standard for measuring uptime is percentage of the total time a was accessible and functional over a calendar year. Here are some typical values from which you calculate the downtime.

Please select your estimate Uptime per year:
 Uptime per year   Downtime per year
95%438 hours (almost 3 weeks!)
99%87 hours, 36 minutes (almost 4 days!)
99.9%8 hours, 45 minutes
99.99%53 minutes

Your estimated annual losses from downtime are: $

B. With WebSitePulse

With the WebSitePulse continuous monitoring services, you will cut the above times by at least 80%. If you start using WebSitePulse, your estimated reduced annual losses from downtime will be as follows:

1. Your estimated reduced annual losses from downtime are: $

2. Your cost related to our services with a typical configuration is $300/year.

Your estimated annual savings are: $

  • Please, note that the above calculations do not include any indirect costs resulting from a malfunction of your . You will have to take into consideration additional promotional and advertising expenditures needed to restore the lost confidence (and traffic) of your visitors after getting the "This page is unavailable" message for at least one hour.

  • Please, also note that using some of WebSitePulse advanced monitoring features results in further reduction of your downtime. Online tools such as:
    - Trace route;
    - Instant test;
    - PING test;
    - Full Page breakdown,
    enable web-systems operators and IT professionals to instantly identify the source of a malfunction. Troubleshooting in these cases starts immediately thus, reducing the overall downtime and increasing the cost-effectiveness of your operations.

  • Please, do not forget WebSitePulse customizable Reports with drill-down capabilities serving you to analyze your web-performance and pro-actively protect your web-investments from loss and failure in the future.

    A word of wisdom:

    Even if you have entered "100%" as the value for your uptime, with the increasing complexity of the Internet, past performance is never a guarantee for future results.
    Is the ($300/ year) too much for your peace of mind?

    With WebSitePulse, you'd rather take IT easy™.