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Why WebSitePulse

WebSitePulse offers the best-in-class monitoring services at a very competitive price.

Our confidence is built upon three major strengths critical to our business:

Customer Focus

Our advanced monitoring and notifications system, the new features we are constantly adding to our services, as well as our functional and organizational structures are designed with our Customers' recommendations in mind. Please, consider some of the unique features - not quite common in the web-monitoring industry - that help us maintain our extraordinary Customer Retention rate.

Professional-grade System Engineering

WebSitePulse is different from most of the existing monitoring services because of the unparalleled flexibility of its monitoring configurations, alert setting capabilities, and customizable notifications. Please, consider some of the most important advantages offered by our sophisticated system.


WebSitePulse offers the most competitive prices in the web-monitoring industry.
These price levels are achieved through business model optimization and streamlined functioning of the entire organization, without compromising the quality of the service. Find out more on how we make it possible.

Or accept our proof of confidence:

"We will beat any legitimate price offering for comparable monitoring configuration at similar terms and conditions."

Some of WebSitePulse Customer Focus-related Unique Features:

  • 24/7, multilingual, live technical support, at no additional cost for our Customers;
  • Unconditional 30-days money back guarantee;
  • No contract for our services, and no obligations of any kind;
  • No "set up" fees or "cancellation" penalties;
  • "Take-Over" - when our technical support representatives fix some typical malfunctions of your website, web-systems and components saving you the hassle, the time, and the cost of mobilizing your IT staff, especially off-hours and during national holidays;
  • "Remote hand" - a feature requested by our Customers and developed with their convenience in mind;
  • Customizable Reports - to maximize the value our Customers receive for their money by offering them monitoring data in a ready-to-use format, supporting their analysis and decision-making process;
  • Stats publisher - an excellent reference tool helping our Customers to deliver a real-time, objective and unbiased proof of performance;
  • Substantial investments in state-of-the-art hardware and software for the best-in-class protection of our Customers' personal and accounting information;
  • Transparent structure and open communications. Our Customers could e-mail or directly call anyone at WebSitePulse.

Some of WebSitePulse System Advantages:
WebSitePulse services are backed by a robust, redundant, and reliable technology using the latest and most advanced computing solutions as well as proprietary, patented software and computer programs. The entire system is 100% designed, developed, owned, and operated by WebSitePulse engineers, programmers, and web developers. We know every nut and bolt of our machine, and stand behind our performance.

  • Individual Target (not account) configurations and pricing: This approach optimizes your cost/benefit ratio, and you do not have to pay for anything you do not need;
  • Target (not account) specific alert escalation- and notification levels' configuration, allowing you to reach the right people at the right time, and streamline the communications process before troubleshooting begins;
  • Simultaneous (not consecutive) monitoring from all selected locations in our network, providing you with reliable and precise information about the allocation of the problem. The number and the locations of the monitoring sites can be specified for each target individually, to reflect the specific priorities and geographic concentrations of your end-users.
  • False alarm prevention system;
  • Snapshot and trace route functions helping your IT support team to instantly understand the nature of the problem and define its origination point;
  • Customizable content of the alert messages;
  • Customizable levels of interaction with our system giving your account administrator the necessary tools for optimized account management;
  • Programmable service intensity to avoid alerts and notification in periods of scheduled web-maintenance;
  • Forced monitoring applied only when really needed, to lower your overall monitoring cost while providing you with the critical information needed in crisis;
  • Content, network, e-mail, and transaction monitoring capabilities, alongside with the classic monitoring of servers, links, devices, and any page components.

"Secrets" of WebSitePulse Competitive Pricing:

Our total cost advantage is possible for the following reasons:

  • We have developed a wide array of services and features allowing multiple, customized monitoring configurations that best suit individual Customers' needs. You don't have to pay for something you don't need. We also offer pre-configured service plans but do not limit our Customers' choice to them;
  • Our optimized business model allows us to keep our fixed costs at a minimum level. Therefore, meeting the demand of a small company with several people or of a multinational corporation with locations all over the World does not involve much more than the specific resources and the variable costs appropriate to every individual account.
  • Our price structure is target-centered vs. the commonly accepted account-centered approach. Thus, you might monitor different targets with different intensity within the same account, and your total cost will be optimized, reflecting the individual configurations;
  • Some of the features that are optional or non-existing elsewhere are offered as complimentary services with us (Remote hand; 24/7 live support; account configuration technical advice, only to name a few).

Proof of Confidence - WebSitePulse "Better Price" Offer:
WebSitePulse offers its services and features at the most competitive prices in the industry. We can beat pricing offered by other providers for comparable service configurations, levels, and targets. The combination of WebSitePulse advanced technological solutions and efficient business model allows it to offer and maintain such competitive pricing.

WebSitePulse offer to beat competitor pricing is based on annual contracts for comparable services. Please, contact us or fill our Request Form today to find out if you qualify for this limited-time offer.