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Iavor Marinoff (47) - Chief Executive Officer

Iavor started WebSitePulse in 2000, after five years of successful Internet business, including one of the largest on-line retailers of printing supplies. Iavor background is computer technology and IT. He holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from the National Technology Institute in Sofia, Bulgaria, and specialized in IT Management.
Through number of different companies he was actively involved in the TV and advertising businesses in Bulgaria - his country of origin.
Over ten years ago, together with his family, he relocated to the United States but maintains his strong European contacts.

George Tudor (38) - Chief Technology Officer

George is co-founder of WebSitePulse, and leads the technology team of the company. Major responsibilities include the seamless operation of all technology-based systems of WebSitePulse, as well as the implementation of the latest and the most reliable IT solutions.
George worked with Iavor Marinoff - CEO - for several years before they decided to start WebSitePulse, and their latest achievement was the development and the functioning of one of the largest web-based retailers of printing supplies.
George holds a Masters Degree in Engineering and IT, and speaks several foreign languages.

Andrew Gordon (48) - Chief Administrative Officer

Andrew responsibilities combine the evaluation, selection and contracting of the new employees at WebSitePulse, continuous training of the staff, evaluation and analysis of the Customers' feedback, timely and effective internal communications, and general supervision of WebSitePulse office functions and organization.
Andrew joined WebSitePulse in 2003 after seven years of executive experience at various companies and holdings involved in international commerce, logistics, and trade consulting.
Andrew holds a Masters Degree in Economics and International relations, and speaks several foreign languages.

Mark Johnson (40) - Director, Web Development

Mark - together with Iavor Marinoff and George Tudor - started WebSitePulse back in 2000.
Major responsibilities include research, testing, development, and implementation of all the web-based functions and features of the proprietary systems of WebSitePulse.
Prior to WebSitePulse, Mark led several teams of Internet applications- and web- developers working on various projects.
Marc holds a Masters degree from the Technical University in Bordeaux, France where he specialized in Network- and website development.

Peter Porter (37) - Director, Technical Support

Peter joined WebSitePulse in 2002 and actively participated in the development and improvement of the advanced technological solutions used by WebSitePulse.
His major responsibility is the seamless and uninterrupted functioning of all the systems and equipment of WebSitePulse, as well as the 24/7 tech support for more than accounts, currently served by WebSitePulse.
Prior to WebSitePulse, Peter worked as Perl developer for different projects for web-based applications.
Peter holds a Masters Degree in Marketing Management and fluently speaks several foreign languages.

Oggie Dimoff (53) - Member of the Advisory Board, overseeing Sales and Marketing.

Oggie used to consult WebSitePulse since 2002, and in 2004 joined the Advisory Board of the company. His major expertise is related to WebSitePulse sales and marketing strategies, marketing communications, and PR.
Oggie has more than 15 years in broadcasting media management, advertising and marketing communications, and worked at various executive positions in Europe and in the US. He holds Masters Degree in Economics and Marketing from the University of Economics in Budapest, Hungary, and speaks five foreign languages.