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How WebSitePulse Works

WebSitePulse is a web-based remote monitoring service that keeps a constant watch over your servers and network components, web sites, web applications and email infrastructure 24/7/365. It does this by creating and sending target-specific tests and verifying that your devices are connected to the Internet, responding properly and delivering the correct contents to your customers in a timely manner. Monitoring tests are performed up to every minute simultaneously from multiple monitoring locations. When an error is detected, a triple-stage verification process is started using three independent resources to confirm the error. Once the error is confirmed, it will send notifications to all of your designated contacts. WebSitePulse monitors your website using similar technology as a common web browser simulating a real end-user experience.

The following steps describe how to use our remote monitoring services.

1. Register a Free Trial account.
The Free Trial account is a fully functional account (maximum of 3 targets of any type) that will help you to understand how the service works. After the 30 days period, you can move to paid account, or go for a free limmited account.

2. Activate the account, log in your web-based control panel and create the targets you wish to monitor with their individual configurations following the wizard steps. Monitoring can start immediately.

3. Create notification contacts with their respective configurations, alert schedules and escalation following the wizard steps.

4. Create reports by email for any of the targets, which will be sent to any of the email contacts in your account.

5. Create Public reports with real-time information about the uptime/downtime and the performance of your servers and web sites and publish them on your website, so you can show your users and customers 3rd party independent proof of performance.

6. Create users with their individual "log in" and access privileges.

Now as the targets and contacts are configured, the remote monitoring begins.
  • Every target is monitored from one or more monitoring locations based on its configuration.
  • Every detected error is verified by our exclusive "triple-stage" system using three independent resources.
  • Once the error is verified, alerts are sent based on the alerting schedule of the target. Alerts can be sent by Email, SMS (text message), voice call, email to cell phone, Instant messenger, pager, SNMP trap and URL (more about notifications). Alerts contents can be customized to contain data about the error, target, time stamp and location which helps you optimize the troubleshooting procedure
  • Up to the minute online reports will provide you with further details about the error, snapshot of the page on error, check results from the additional error verification locations and more. Event history report will show you the timeline of the problem and the alert notifications.
  • Historic data is gathered and various type of performance and availability reports will help you determine bottlenecks of your website and web application so you can correct it proactively.
  • Diagnostic tools like Trace route, PING and Instant test are available for additional tests from multiple locations.
For custom web monitoring solutions, suggestions or questions about our services or how to purchase or trial our remote monitoring services please contact Sales at 1-888-WSPULSE (977-8573) x1 or via email at

Stop Worrying! Sign-up for a 30-day Free monitoring service trial with WebSitePulse!