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WebSitePulse Testimonials

The testimonials below reflect only some of our Customers who have decided to share their unsolicited opinion and experience about using our services. We greatly appreciate your feedback as it helps us improve the services and support that we provide to all our Customers. If you would like to share your experience, please write to us at or use our web form.
Thank you!

We remain completely satisfied with this service, and consider it a great value!
Michael Toub / Curtis Circulation Company
We at Tom Waterhouse have found dealing with WebSitePulse exceptionally easy, the prices highly competitive and the service of a high standard. It adds a lot of value to our business and we really appreciate your excellent service. I’d be happy to recommend you to anyone.
Tom Rundle
You are the best support team I have ever worked with in 25 years of industry. You ALWAYS get back to me quickly with a detailed answer.
Richard Price - IT Outsourcing provider
I have tried your services and found that they are wonderful and indispensable for webmasters. I assure you that I shall also recommend websitepulse to any of my friends who would require a website monitoring from different global locations.

Thanks once again for your great service.
Joseph DS
Sr. Manager - Development Centre
WebsitePulse Team, Thanks for the update and advice of implementation. As usual, the WebsitePulse team have implemented another great feature at your customer's request and done the necessary specification, testing, and implementation in a great timeframe ... exceeding out expectations! This is the third feature I believe we have requested and had implemented, without any disappointment. Great work!
Roy Logie
We evaluated the gamut of monitoring solutions out there from open-source to the very high end commercial products. WebSitePulse strikes the right balance of high-end monitoring features and dependability but with a much lower price tag than the competition. It's a great product and we're very happy with it!
Todd Huss
Thanks… you guys always amaze me how fast you fix and get back to me about issues
Peter Gorla
Wow! Great service. Our site went down and you guys fixed it before I even knew it happened. Thanks for a great product!
Adam Bram
For a legal initiative involving censorship of websites by China's "Great Firewall," WebSitePulse has helped us generate very complete, timely and accurate data. I strongly recommend your services to companies that need to track the performance of their own, or others, websites anywhere in the world.
Peter Scheer, Executive Director
I’ve tried several services while testing yours in parallel. I finally chose yours because of the great ability to customize the targets on our own, the very helpful features (screenshots, detailed reports, free tools, takeover), and the multiple monitoring locations around the world.

Thank you guys for the reactivity of your team, it really stands out.

Continue innovating, you are in the right way.
Eric Pho
Thank you Guys!

Very fast and professional service as always! We've been using your service for a year or so and have nothing but great things to say about it! The new transaction monitoring and content based alerts we have setup work very well and provide us piece of mind and also let us react to problems much faster!

James Konkler
Hello, We have been using your service on behalf of one of our customer for a while now, and over time it has really been proven invaluable.
Leonardo Seccia
Wow guys, your capabilities are extensive and your prices are reasonable. Your web forms are very well done, with excellent help text. I am seriously impressed. This is a very mature product.
Ethan Pooley
You did a very good job! Well done! First Class!
Timucin Dis
I really like the system! It has helped us identify very short amounts of down time caused by faulty dns servers, which has been over looked in the past by other software. Many Thanks!
Joe Bacon
I have been using alertsite.com for 2 years and your service is superior and your webpage and ability to configure devices is so much more eaiser to use!
N. H.
The new Dashboard is an excellent innovation. And it allows us to customise what is most important to us. As usual - leading edge stuff from the WebSitePulse team. Regards,
Roy Logie
Your customer support has always been excellent. They always go the extra mile to help with transactions, etc. And new feature requests are acted on quickly. Many thanks!
Richard Sharpe
In our case we were relying on the uptime statistics that were provided to us by our IT partner. According to them everything was running smoothly. If problems were discovered, they would get solved after the damage had been done. With the services of WebSitePulse we got a better insight on how our services were performing. With WebSitePulse we got control back on our IT performance and now we are able to react straight away. WebSitePulse has saved us a lot of money, and hopefully will continue to do so for a long time. I personally can recommend their services to anyone who is interested in being in control over their performance in user experience.
Léon van Deursen
I like very much your system. It is saving us big money!
Gabriel Nogueira de Matos
Absolutely fantastic...
Shane Bell, President
Just a short note to thank you for a great service. Our business IS our web site - if our site is down, we go out of business - it's that simple. Using Websitepulse to test our most critical web pages every minute gives us the information we need to rapidly respond to problems. Over time, it has also helped us to identify ways to reduce average page load times by 80%. Both of these translate directly to the bottom line - I have no doubt that the small investment in your services each month pays for itself many times over. Your system is flawless and a pleasure to use - I consider it to be fundamental in keeping our site optimal and operational.
Martin Dell
The monitor function you offer is a very good product, and its functionality has been nothing but good.

Thanks for the support and heads up,

Best Regards,
Wesley van Rossum
Dear WebSitePulse Team, we have been using your services for different web-sites we run for over 3 years now. Not only the every-day monitoring and reports are crucial to our current on-line business, but we also found these services extremely valuable for supporting a start-up website. We recently started the PIC Media project, and using your tools, we have been monitoring the performance and availability of the new software we are running. We have found and resolved issues and bugs, which would take months to detect under normal circumstances and with the cost and embarrassment of having customers report them. We recommend WebSitePulse to managers of both new websites with not that much traffic and to the 'top-dogs' with millions of visitors. Keep the good work!
Greg T.
I have been using the WebSitePulse product for about 6 months now and think it is fantastic. It's really helped us stay on top of any website outages and allow us to react quickly.
Jeffrey L. Carter, VP & CIO
I was pleased to be a part of the Beta program. Ever since we began using WebSitePulse to monitor our production environments, we truly have been able to takeITeasy(tm). I really liked the ease with which we could provide feedback on the Beta site through the "Talk Back to Us" box and more importantly, found your team to be extremely responsive and thorough in addressing issues or comments that we submitted. Thank you again, and I look forward to being able to takeITeasy(tm)
Wesley C. Wilkey, Chief Executive Officer MedUnison
"We had been using a different monitoring service but found that its interface wasn't very user-friendly and most important, it never told us when something came back online. It simply stopped sending the alerts. That was a major problem. "Then we found WebSitePulse, and for what you've got for the price, your service is the best for what we need.

"We really like the multi-point monitoring. One of the problems we had with our previous vendor is that we got false negatives all the time. When a page went down, we had to wait and see if the alerts continued before taking action. With WebSitePulse, we have completely cut out the false negatives so that when we get an alert, we know something is really wrong. WebSitePulse has never failed us.

"I believe reliable multi-point monitoring is a key strength of your service, and I would recommend WebSitePulse to anyone who wants to keep track of the status of their e-business assets."
Mr. Michael Catuara, Web Hosting Team Leader Trans Union, LLC, Chicago, IL, USA
"Over the past year it has been good to have the continual monitoring of our facilities, especially with the ease of adding new sites, server farms and applications to the mix. We also use uptime figures for publication to our clients in regular service updates.

"WebSitePulse has given us the frequency of checks, the notification options, the frequency of reporting and the flexibility that we weren't getting from our previous vendor.

"Although we monitor internally, it's nice to know the global picture from multiple monitoring points both for ourselves and for our clients so we can resolve any issues quickly.

"The service is strong, consistent, adaptable, easy to use and does everything we need to do. I would definitely recommend WebSitePulse to anyone who wants to keep track of their Internet assets."
Nick Holmes, Investis Ltd, London, England, UK
Websitepulse are the best at customer service! Their product gives us great security in our webcasting services, but what really stands out is their speed of response, and the way you get contacted by a real person who can actually solve any issues you may have, rather than a list of FAQs. You are market leaders.
Philip Haggar
What a lifesaver! You guys have saved us thousands of dollars from lost sales helping us stay on top of any web site outages and allow us to react quickly by monitoring our website every 1 minute 24/7
Kathy S.
We have some mission-critical websites and needed some kind of monitoring system that would let us know when we had problems with the sites. We found WebSitePulse and gave it a try and have added more features as we needed them.

What's really been great are the multi-media alerts we get when there's a problem. If and when something goes down, I get notified by email, pager, and cell phone at work and at home so I can respond immediately.

The transaction monitoring takes it one level deeper. Before, one of the problems we had was when we had a failed function, it would result in a failed ping. We had situations where a site would go down, but we were not able to figure out easily why it went down. The transaction monitoring helped us to identify and correct problems quickly, saving us time and money.

I would definitely recommend WebSitePulse to anyone who wants to keep informed about the status of their Internet properties.
Greg King, Ken Cook Co., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
As a company whose customers depend on reliable, uninterrupted access to our website, we have found WebSitePulse an invaluable tool for monitoring our site. Not only is WebSitePulse easy to use but it provides great flexibility in its monitoring and alerting capabilities plus extremely responsive customer support all at a very reasonable price.
Kevin C.
What a lifesaver! We run a sophisticated database-driven Web store for inkjet printer cartridges and accessories so it's vitally important that we know if our database server is up or down. Recently, our hosting company had a router problem that caused our server to go off-line. We got a WebSitePulse pager alert that our catalog content was not available and were able to immediately contact our hosting company to handle the problem. Our order flow was only temporarily interrupted for less than 5 minutes, saving us potentially a lot of money. If your e-business depends on having database or other content available, you need the WebSitePulse service!
Kathy S.
You guys really do provide the best customer service of any company I've dealt with online. Very refreshing. :)
Denis K
I really enjoyed the new interface and appreciated the chance to give you direct feedback. I think you guys are doing a great job all around!
Robert Bray
I wanted to send a brief email , to say thanks for a great service , We have used it now for over 2 years and have watched your software / services get better and better , you are the "Dogs B******s" Thanks again and keep up the good work.
Paul Campbell
I have been a long-time user of WebSitePulse, so the jump to the new system was not a complicated one. I have been extremely pleased with your offerings, especially the value for price paid - it is unparalleled as near as I can tell. I have yet to find another provider that even comes close to offering the same services even close to the same prices. Thanks to everyone at WebSitePulse for making IT easier for me :)
Clinton Wasylishen
Thanks for an absolutely wonderful service. I tried out several similar services and put them all to the test and have to say that yours was the definite winner. The ease of use and range of features that you offer is truly excellent. My only regret is that I didn't subscribe to your service before I paid over $100 for a piece of software to do the same kind of thing. Compared with the software I bought your service is in a different league and I don't have to worry about always having to have a computer on to monitor the servers as you look after all that for me. Thanks so much!
Ned Norris
after 17 months of using WebSitePulse I just wanted to take the chance to thank you for your great service. My English is not good enough to explain HOW useful WebSitePulse is to us. Uptime is crucial for us as an on-line merchant and you helped us so much to improve our (and our provider's) service. Thank you for the stability, reliability and the continuous improvements of the service and features. I've checked many monitoring services until I found WebSitePulse. That's why I know, there's no other monitoring service that compares to you in any way.
Thanks and keep up the good work.
Steffen Schneider
I just tested a failure simulation and the message came as a message and not an e-mail. So I won't have to screw around with Sprint's e-mail system for 10 minutes to see which server has a problem.


Thank you very much for your help on this!

FYI, I was using Alertra prior to moving over to you guys. You guys have a far superior system setup.

Thanks again.
Jennifer, RTech Solutions, Inc.
We have been using your services for some time, and as soon as you launched the new system, we switched our account to it. It is great. Keep doing this excellent job.
David Szpunar
IT Technician
Thanks for the great service!
David Ward
Everything works great now; thank you for a fine example of customer support.
Emmanuël Sustronck
Just want you to know, you folks really do a great job. Great customer support, site is very friendly and a lots of cool features such as report customization, notification customization....Although I don't have any outages so far and couldn't test your outage alert....but your tech support is #1...quick response and very knowledgeable...I've try Alertra at the same time, no one responded to my questions for 3 days. Sure I will refer you folks to all of my friends and my clients.
Patricia Lin, CEO
You do provide a very nice service and it is a pleasure doing business with you also.
Kelly Grillo
You guys rock! Seriously, even in the short time we have been a subscriber, your service has proven invaluable in notifying us of problems that have been ours, our IPS, and at the UUNET level itself. Thanks again.
Steve Fisher
As a matter of fact, for the year that we have been subscribers, it has been the most invaluable tool to our business. Thank you for a year of great monitoring service!
Sincerely, Dennis St. John
We are enjoying your service. It's a big step up from our old service (NetMechanic).
Thanks again,
Thanks for the affordable, reliable and scalable monitoring service and support. Give my personal thanks to George T. You're incredible, mate!
Yours, Michael
WebsitePulse in fact preformed better than any other service - only WebsiteAvailability came anywhere near your excellence. You were the only supplier to consistently catch our nightly re-load of our Win 2K / Hosting Controller machine (which takes just about 5 minutes)
Regards, Anthony Roberts
Your service is great - I've upgraded to a customized plan!
Regards, Thomas Goehrke
Hey, You do a great job in assisting us and resolving the problem. That is not always the case with many online services. We will recommend you. Thanks
You have a great service!
Reha Kocatas
Great service yet again. I am super impressed almost every month when I see updates to the site. I truly love your company... Great work... keep up the excellent drive you have there...
Sabir Semerkant
Founder & Editor-in-Chief
I have been searching for a good server monitoring service provider and WebSitePulse.com is the best monitoring services provider around and the customize option is really unbelievable! keep up the great job :)
Teh Chern Lik
It is extremely important for us as we operate a retail site with high volume of transactions to monitor the availability and performance of our site and server which is hosted with a hosting company. Thanks to WebSitePulse.com now we know up to the minute if our customers cannot access our site.
Regards,Walter W.
I am very happy with the service so far, was really nice to be able to show the Executive here a nice graph of our home page response time halving with a new firewall :)
Phill Hardstaff
Senior Support Engineer
Your service has made it easy for me to monitor my Web sites. If there are any problems, I am notified immediately and I am able to react quickly and dramatically reduce the down time. Thank you WebSitePulse!
Nick Nichols
I just received a notification from you that my domain was not available. This allowed me to call my hosting company and they immediately took care of the problem. Because the majority of my business comes from the Web,
I cannot afford to have any down time. Thank you for your quick and reliable service.
Ray S.
Great service! Never had any problems and always alerted me of problems. Saved my life a few times!
Ben Welch-bolen
This service is fantastic I'll tell everyone I know in hosting how good this is.

I am so impressed:
- with the design of your site,
- with the price,
- with the level of service,
- with the common sense of your site.

I'm not joking - this is as well designed service as ebay or amazon - please give your developers and designers my regards - it's a rare jem on the internet - fantastic - really really fantastic.
George Cook
Just wanted to say how valuable WebSitePulse has been to our business. It provided critical notifications when our old web hosting provider wasn't providing the reliability we required. WebSitePulse's reports now prove our new hosting provider is rock solid and gives us piece-of-mind that our site is always up.
Keith V.
We found WebSitePulse extremely professional and offered great support in getting our monitoring up and running. It's a very powerful service that so far has been exceeding our expectations. We have taken great advantage of their Chinese locations for monitoring inside China which is a key for our operations.
Søren Riis Mønsted
Qarma ApS