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Firefox Extensions  > WebSitePulse Site Recorder Extension

WebSitePulse Site Recorder Extension

Latest version: 1.4.0b
Nov 07, 2011 - 144 KB

Latest Changes (Full Changelog)
* Added support for Mozilla Firefox 9

System requirements:
- Firefox 3.6 or higher.

Install from: Mozilla Addons or WebSitePulse

The WebSitePulse Site Recorder is an extension which provides an easy way to record, play, edit and save browser transactions.

WebSitePulse Site Recorder

Once the recorder is installed, it displays its buttons underneath the browser address bar. To start recording, press the "Record" button, enter the starting URL and browse through the website exactly the way you want the transaction to be recorded. To end the recording, click the "stop" button.

The "advanced" button will open a sidebar with all individual steps displayed and their respective properties some of which can be edited during the recording process or after it.

To play the recorded transaction you should press the "Play" button. It will open a new window and there the transaction will be played.

After the transaction has been played you can see its statistic. Press the arrow at the end of "Play" button and click "Show last results". It will open a popup window which contains the statistic for the last playing of the transaction.

From the options you can activate "First visit expirience" which means during the recording and playing process will not be used existing cookies, cache, authenticated session, form data, browser history and saved passwords.