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Vista Gadgets  > Current Status Gadget for Windows Vista

Current Status Gadget for Windows Vista

Latest version: 1.0.1
January 25, 2012

System requirements:
- Windows Vista 32 or 64bit
- Windows Vista Sidebar
- Active Internet connection.

Self-installing sidebar application .gadget - 83k;
.ZIP archive - 76k

The WebSitePulse Current Status gadget for Vista Sidebar provides an easy way to keep an eye in real-time on the status of your servers, websites and web applications when you are using the WebSitePulse monitoring service. The gadget provides a shortcut link to the target details screen in the customer's account. The statuses displayed by the gadget can be refreshed manually or automatically.

Gadget settings:
The following settings can be configured:
- account username and API key to display account-specific data
- auto-refresh interval
- order and filter targets by their status and condition

Once the gadget is installed in the sidebar, it is visible and ready to use. You can undock the gadget by dragging it outside the sidebar over your desktop to see it in its full size.

The undocked gadget

Note that a monitoring account with WebSitePulse is required in order to use this gadget. If you do not have a monitoring service account, you can start a free trial or a free monitoring service account.

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If you prefer to have this information in your browser, we also provide a Current Status Extension for Firefox and Current Status Add-on for Internet Explorer.

If you would like to send us your feedback, to recommend additional features for this extension or to suggest other extensions, please email us.