Request Method

There are two different types of request methods supported by our monitoring agent to send requests to a web server - GET and POST.
One of the main differences between GET and POST methods is that with the GET method, all data sent to the server (for example from a submitted form) is appended at the end of the requested URL and is visible in the URL. GET method is widely used in search engines like Google, Lycos, Altavista etc. when you type something in "Search for:" box.
For example:

POST method also transmits parameters but they are non-visible at the URL and are not limited in size. That's why it's widely used in application forms, login forms, etc.

There are also mixes between those two methods - for example one can POST data to an URL that contains GET parameters - in this case you should select the POST method in your target configuration.
GET or POST method must be indicated in the tag of your HTML page. For more information about POST and GET methods, please refer to:

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