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Orlando, FL - (February 20, 2006) - WebSitePulse, a leading provider of global, independent and remote monitoring of web-based systems and e-business transactions, announced the official launch of its new system for advanced web performance monitoring and measurement, problem notification, diagnostics, and reporting.

Existing and new Customers of WebSitePulse not only enjoy the improved design of the company website and the re-engineered Control Panel but their primary benefit comes from the original service utilization concept. The typical account-based approach is replaced by individual Target-specific monitoring configurations. The innovative solution results in substantial savings and increased convenience for the Customers, and demonstrates WebSitePulse technological advantage and professional confidence.

The new system offers more analytical and diagnostic tools enabling Customers to evaluate functionality and availability threats, and to prevent some downtime occurrences.

WebSitePulse also introduces a bold and challenging interpretation of the traditional "free trial" concept: all tools and features of the new system are available for free and unlimited testing during the first month of service.

"Our advanced proprietary solutions and technology reflect the needs and the expectations of our Customers, and puts them in control", says Iavor Marinoff - CEO of WebSitePulse. "They can benefit from the unprecedented flexibility of our system, resulting in the highest levels of customization and savings for them. The re-engineered and redesigned service platform is the latest demonstration of our efforts, and signals our intentions to emphasize on web-performance management model rather than on the pure web-performance measurement," adds Marinoff. "The overwhelming response to the largest promotional campaign in our industry during the Holidays provided us with valuable feedback about our system, and with enough confidence that our Customers, friends, and fans got our message: we could be successful only if we are part of their own success. And this makes us very optimistic about 2006", concludes Marinoff.

The previous service platform will remain functional but new features, options, and improvements will be available for the new system only. The entire migration process for Customers who switch to the new system is fully backed by the WebSitePulse Support team, available 365/24/7, at no additional cost. Plans for 2006 include the implementation of an aggressive sales and marketing strategy; the activation of more monitoring stations worldwide; the introduction of new web-performance reports, as well as the launch of affiliates, resellers, and partners programs.

About WebSitePulse ™:

WebSitePulse is a leading provider of advanced, independent, and remote monitoring of web-based systems and e-business transactions that increase the efficiency of mission-critical e-business operations, and reduce the risks of failed Internet transactions and loss of revenue.

The global, independent service offers immediate error detection, and real-time, multimedia alerts, as well as available detailed, customer-controlled, purpose-specific reports with drill-down capabilities and snapshot options.

WebSitePulse is a service of Image Project, Inc. - a privately owned corporation for e-business solutions based in Orlando, Florida, USA.

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