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Orlando, FL - (November 29, 2005) - WebSitePulse, a leading provider of global, independent and remote monitoring of web-based systems and e-business transactions, announced today that the combined value of its promotional offerings in December 2005 will exceed $60,000 - the largest giveaway in its industry.

Several promotions are taking place simultaneously with the launch of the new, re-engineered, and redesigned monitoring system of WebSitePulse ( ) during this Holiday Season:
- All new accounts are free until the end of the Beta testing - End of December;
- Giveaway of MP3 players for feedback and recommendations ( draw on 12/20 );
- Giveaway of 10 x $1000 monitoring accounts with the new system ( draw on 12/27 );
- A "New Year - New System" countdown: A number of qualified WebSitePulse visitors corresponding to each date of December will receive 100 W$Ps ( transferable WebSitePulse monitoring dollars ) - the equivalent of a $100 in services. On December 31, the draw of one big winner of 2006 W$Ps will mark the beginning of the New Year. Thus, by the end of the month 466 winners will get a total of $48,506 worth of monitoring services.

"Even though the "W$P" is just a creative category for our countdown giveaway, the idea that monitoring services could be a broadly accepted "currency" in the Internet is very important" - says Iavor Marinoff, CEO of WebSitePulse. "We believe that every owner of a serious on-line operation understands that uptime is a critical source of competitive advantage; therefore, web-monitoring will become a standard web-performance management tool" - further explains Marinoff. "Our W$Ps are transferable and interchangeable so that as many people as possible educate themselves about web monitoring, and spread the word about it. Even if some of the winners do not have websites, they could offer their W$Ps to someone else to take advantage of our services. Educating a broader segment of current and potential e-business owners about the advantages of the objective monitoring is in line with our vision to contribute to the improvement of the Internet environment for the benefit of its millions of users" - concludes Mr. Marinoff.

The record high value of the promotional offerings creates an unprecedented opportunity for cost- and obligation free testing of a wide variety of monitoring tools and features. After various initiatives during the year ( free monitoring for hurricane-critical websites; waiving of all charges for e-businesses located in the hurricane-damaged areas, etc ), now this is the WebSitePulse way to thank its Customers, and to express its best wishes for the upcoming Seasons and the New Year.

About WebSitePulse ™:

WebSitePulse is a leading provider of advanced, independent, and remote monitoring of web-based systems and e-business transactions that increase the efficiency of mission-critical e-business operations, and reduce the risks of failed Internet transactions and loss of revenue.

The global, independent service offers immediate error detection, and real-time, multimedia alerts, as well as available detailed, customer-controlled, purpose-specific reports with drill-down capabilities and snapshot options.

WebSitePulse is a service of Image Project, Inc. - a privately owned corporation for e-business solutions based in Orlando, Florida, USA.

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