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Orlando, FL - (January 17, 2005) - WebSitePulse, a leading provider of global, independent and remote monitoring of web-based systems and e-business transactions, announced today the addition of two U.S. monitoring locations in Seattle, WA and Chicago, IL.

Multiple-station monitoring gives users more precise picture of their websites' availability, and can provide location-specific information about their web systems' overall performance as measured against established service levels. The two new monitoring locations increase the reliability of the WebSitePulse false alarm prevention system that is based on multiple tests from several locations before an alert is triggered.

Information from more monitoring locations is a valuable and dependable decision-making tool, as it serves to locate more precisely the source and the type of detected malfunction, leading to decreased downtimes, and reducing wasted manpower and resources.

"We learned from customer feedback that reliable multi-location monitoring is a key strength of our service," says Iavor Marinoff, CEO of Image Project, Inc., owner of the WebSitePulse brand. "Our customers like the peace of mind they get from knowing they won't get false alerts, and that if notified about a malfunction, they can immediately focus on the real source of the problem. Data about web systems' performance, measured from various locations, represents important operational information for our customers, even without service interruptions or web-transactions failures."

The deployment of an expanded network of global monitoring stations is one of the strategic priorities for WebSitePulse top management, and is the backbone of the services the company provides to more than 10,000 clients.

The two new locations bring the number of WebSitePulse global monitoring stations to 11. The company plans to have up to 30 worldwide monitoring locations by the end of 2005, and will add more locations thereafter, as needed.

About WebSitePulse ™:

WebSitePulse is a leading provider of advanced, independent, and remote monitoring of web-based systems and e-business transactions that increase the efficiency of mission-critical e-business operations, and reduce the risks of failed Internet transactions and loss of revenue.

The global, independent service offers immediate error detection, and real-time, multimedia alerts, as well as available detailed, customer-controlled, purpose-specific reports with drill-down capabilities and snapshot options.

WebSitePulse is a service of Image Project, Inc. - a privately owned corporation for e-business solutions based in Orlando, Florida, USA.

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