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December 29, 2004

WebSitePulse announces the first contest winner

Dear Valued Customer,

I have the great pleasure to announce this week's winner of an HP iPAQ RZ1715 Pocket PC:
Greg King of Ken Cook Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

If you have already registered, you are still in the running for the next two prize awards.

Mr. King was kind enough to share with us his thoughts about our services and especially about the WebSitePulse "transaction monitoring" feature:

       "We have some mission-critical websites and needed some kind of monitoring system that would let us know when we had problems with the sites. We found WebSitePulse and gave it a try and have added more features as we needed them."

       "What's really been great are the multi-media alerts we get when there's a problem. If and when something goes down, I get notified by email, pager, and cell phone at work and at home so I can respond immediately."

       "The transaction monitoring takes it one level deeper. Before, one of the problems we had was when we had a failed function, it would result in a failed ping. We had situations where a site would go down, but we were not able to figure out easily why it went down. The transaction monitoring helped us to identify and correct problems quickly, saving us time and money."

       "I would definitely recommend WebSitePulse to anyone who wants to keep informed about the status of their Internet properties."

In case you are not aware of how transaction monitoring can help you keep abreast of your e-commerce functionality, thereby reducing downtime and increasing sales, here's a brief summary of how it works:

In July of 2003, WebSitePulse became the world's first provider of transaction monitoring and recording, an advanced feature of our server and full-page remote monitoring service. The system performs pre-recorded, multi-step transactions the same way an end-user would do them: following links, clicking on buttons, completing forms, adding products to shopping carts, checking out, processing credit cards, and many other possible actions.

If a failure is detected, multimedia notifications are sent immediately according to a customer-programmed notification escalation scheme.

How you will benefit from WSP transaction monitoring:

  • Provides vital information about the whole process of interaction between your web systems and your end-users—not just the availability of several isolated pages. This gives you a big-picture view of your e-business functions so you can make them as user-friendly and reliable as possible.

  • Verifies end-user behavior and gives you a better understanding of how your customers interact with your web systems, enabling you to make fast, targeted, and cost-effective corrections, as necessary.

  • Tests the status and the integrated functionality of the different components, sub-systems and application service providers involved in monitored transactions. This makes it easier to identify problems, assign responsibility and implement corrective action.

    You can quickly and easily test this feature now. Just log on to your account and select "Transaction."

    Once again, thank you for being our customer!

    I would like to assure you that WebSitePulse will continue to provide you with professional and dedicated services enabling you to increase the efficiency of your mission-critical e-business operations, and to reduce your risks of loss of business transactions and revenue.

    Wishing you success and prosperity in the year ahead,

    Iavor Marinoff, CEO