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May 05, 2005

WebSitePulse Adds More Notification Options, As Well As A New Monitoring Location In Washington D. C.

Dear Valued Customer,

I am proud to announce that after Yahoo Messenger, MSN and ICQ messengers were added to the WebSitePulse multi-channel notification system; AOL messenger will be also available within the next few weeks. These new choices and the increased convenience come at no additional cost to you.

The other news is related to the activation of our next monitoring location in Washington D.C.

Notification is a critical component of WebSitePulse services. Continuous monitoring, immediate problem detection, and false alert prevention systems provide and verify the data about the performance of the monitored web-systems and transactions. However, this information becomes a real value only when it reaches you immediately and through the channels most convenient to you. Our multi-channel notification system supports email, email to cell phone, SMS, voice call, numeric pager, SNMP traps, and now - the most popular Instant Messengers.

Another option added this week to WebSitePulse Customers' choices is the new monitoring location in Washington D.C.
WebSitePulse global monitoring network is the backbone of the operations, with each new location increasing its reliability, redundancy, and efficiency. Selecting monitoring locations closer to the target customers allows you to receive objective information about your end users' web-experiences. Data from more locations makes WebSitePulse analytical tools even more valuable by helping you to improve and optimize your web-systems and operations.
Washington D.C. is the 15th location in the global network and the fifth activated this year.

Thank you for your business and active feedback,

Iavor Marinoff, CEO