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January 11, 2005

WebSitePulse announces the last contest winner

Dear Valued Customer,

I am delighted to announce the final winner in our HP iPAQ RZ1715 Pocket PC giveaway:

Mr. Michael Catuara, Web Hosting Team Leader
Trans Union, LLC, Chicago, IL, USA.

Our thanks to Mr. Catuara for sharing with us his thoughts about our services from the perspective of a company that is concerned about the status of its e-business assets:
"We had been using a different monitoring service but found that its interface wasn't very user-friendly and most important, it never told us when something came back online. It simply stopped sending the alerts. That was a major problem.

"Then we found WebSitePulse, and for what you've got for the price, your service is the best for what we need.

"We really like the multi-point monitoring. One of the problems we had with our previous vendor is that we got false negatives all the time. When a page went down, we had to wait and see if the alerts continued before taking action. With WebSitePulse, we have completely cut out the false negatives so that when we get an alert, we know something is really wrong. WebSitePulse has never failed us.

"I believe reliable multi-point monitoring is a key strength of your service, and I would recommend WebSitePulse to anyone who wants to keep track of the status of their e-business assets."

At WebSitePulse, we value the opinion of our customers, and since Mr. Catuara was so kind to mention the multi-point monitoring, we decided to briefly share with all of you three major benefits of our growing monitoring infrastructure of interconnected monitoring locations:

1. Whether you are a one-person operation, a Fortune 500 corporation, or somewhere in between, once you have online presence, your operations are virtually international.

When online, your business transcends boundaries, and it is important for you that existing and potential customers, investors, advertisers, media, and search engines from various locations can access your website all the time.

  • More monitoring locations allow us to simulate end-users visits to your websites from multiple points of access around the world. Thus, we have the technical means to keep you informed if your web systems deliver the expected level of service to your potential users from the entire Internet "territory."

  • 2. WebSitePulse currently operates twelve monitoring locations, situated in six countries, on four continents, and has plans to double this number by the end of 2005.

    No matter how many monitoring locations you signed up for, if a malfunction is detected, our system will triple verify it from several additional monitoring locations. This process will validate the problem before triggering an alert to your designated contacts.

  • Therefore, adding new monitoring locations to our existing network improves the reliability of our false alarm prevention system, makes it more accurate and sophisticated, and increases the quality of our services.

  • 3. If the reliable functionality of your web systems is achieved through the usage of multiple servers in the different geographical areas of strategic importance for your business, a multi-point monitoring is a necessity.

    By cross-referencing data from different monitoring locations, our system is capable of indicating the geographical area where an error occurred. This information allows you to concentrate your efforts and resources to the real source of the malfunction, thus, reducing your downtime, and cutting your losses.

  • Increasing the number of the monitoring locations in our network has a direct impact on the accuracy and the speed of the information about your web-systems' malfunctions we are able to provide you with. We believe that this will help you improve the cost-efficiency of your web-based operations, adding more value for your own customers.

  • The further build-up of WebSitePulse infrastructure is one of our major strategic goals for 2005. We will dedicate significant efforts and resources to this, and will keep you informed about our progress on a regular basis.

    Once again, thanks for being our customer!
    Iavor Marinoff