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December 11, 2006

WebSitePulse Summarizes the Results of its 2006 Hurricane Season Web Performance And Uptime Report

Some of the key websites providing real-time details, forecasts, emergency information, and donation opportunities in times of hurricanes, floods, and other natural or man-caused disasters were part of the special Web Performance Report produced by WebSitePulse for the second consecutive year during the official Hurricane season - August 01 - October 30, 2006.

There was no major Hurricane striking the continental US this year, and the websites included in our Report did not have serious picks in their traffic. was the only website with bellow-the-average uptime - 98.8% due to multiple timeout issues with the monitored webpages. A closer look at the problem revealed that most of the time one of the components was taking too long to load thus preventing the download of the entire webpage. WebSitePulse experts believed that this particular component was generated from a third party service, and that the cause of the problem was integration rather than functionality or structural inefficiency attributed to After the removal of the component in mid September, the functionality, and the availability of the website was fully restored.

Monitoring was performed from several locations of the WebSitePulse global monitoring network using the website monitoring service. In case of a detected malfunction, the system performed automated error verification from three additional independent locations before it was confirmed, recorded, and included into the Daily Performance Reports.

The results were summarized, published daily and offered to the public in the WebSitePulse Performance and Uptime Reports and through RSS feeds.