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July 12, 2006

WebSitePulse Now Monitors From Hong Kong Too

Dear Valued Customer,

I have the pleasure to inform you that WebSitePulse has added a new monitoring location in Hong Kong.

As you surely know, China is the leading strategic destination for businesses from across the World. Even with only 8.5% of its population currently connected to the Web, China holds the second global Internet penetration position after the United States. At WebSitePulse, we believe that in the coming years, more people will be using the Internet to communicate with Chinese business partners and consumers than with any other country in the World.

If you have e-business interest in China or operate from China, web performance data generated by our system in Hong Kong now will be much more useful to you.

Take advantage of our global monitoring network and takeITeasy™ with WebSitePulse.

Do not hesitate to contact us at or 1-888-WSPULSE with your questions, suggestions and recommendation. Live Customer Service and Tech support is available to you 24/7, at no additional cost.

Best regards,
Iavor Marinoff, CEO