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Orlando, FL - (April 30, 2007) - WebSitePulse - a leading provider of global, independent and remote monitoring of web applications and e-business transactions announced the final results from its 2007 Tax Performance & Uptime Report. The results demonstrate overall preparedness of the monitored tax websites to meet the challenges of the expected increase in web traffic near the end of the 2007 tax season. led the group with 100% uptime and the lowest average response time for the entire reported period - April 5th - April 26th. Eight out of fourteen of the monitored websites functioned without any interruptions.

The website that experienced the most serious problems was Three times the website was unavailable for considerably long periods of time: almost two hours on April 17th, when the only contents displayed on the website was "500 Internal Server Error"; more than 15 hours on April 21st, again with the "500 Internal Server Error" message, and more than 9 hours on April 23rd, this time with failed domain name servers. These incidents put as the worst performer in the report. Please check the Report Highlights for all registered incidents during this Report.

There were also other incidents where we detected websites with substantial periods of downtime. In the morning hours of April 10th, displayed "500 internal server error" message, and later a "System Maintenance" message appeared for a total for 2 hours. Also on April 10th, was inaccessible for 30 minutes in the afternoon.

"For a second consecutive year, WebSitePulse completes its Tax Performance & Uptime Report and continues its efforts to provide the Internet community with public information about the performance of popular online destinations during important events," says Iavor Marinoff, CEO of WebSitePulse. "WebSitePulse experts carefully examine all incidents during the measurement periods and make every effort to help companies to improve their web performance and to determine and eliminate the causes for website and web applications failure, providing them with essential analytical data."

WebSitePulse Performance Reports measure uptime and response time as the most important web metrics for the availability and the reliability of any web-based operation, critical for the end users' overall online experience. The reports reflect not only the performance of the websites' home pages, but typically measure a complete web transaction that is representative of the end users' interactions with a website.

About WebSitePulse™:

WebSitePulse is a leading provider of advanced, independent, and remote monitoring of web-based systems and e-business transactions. WebSitePulse monitoring increases the efficiency of mission-critical e-business operations, and reduces the risks of failed Internet transactions and loss of revenue.

The global, independent service offers immediate error detection and real-time, multimedia alerts, as well as available detailed, customer-controlled, purpose-specific reports with drill-down capabilities and snapshot options.

WebSitePulse is a service of Image Project, Inc. - a privately owned corporation for e-business solutions based in Orlando, Florida, USA.

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