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October 05, 2007

WebSitePulse™ Releases New Transaction Recorder

Customers using our Web application monitoring service now have a new tool to record, configure and upload their e-business transactions for monitoring. The Firefox Transaction Recorder works as a browser extension for the Firefox browser. In order to use it, Customers have to have Firefox running on their PCs and then to download and install the recorder as an add-on. The current version is compatible with most versions of the Firefox browser.

For technical description, screenshots and to download it, please go to Firefox Transaction Recorder Extension.

With the release of this recorder we are adding a third recording tool to the existing set of recorders, which support the web transaction monitoring services. It is the most advanced and handles the most complex applications, compared to the previous releases of such tools. In addition to all common web applications, it also supports AJAX calls, Java-Scripts and all Web 2.0 components.

The Recorder is compatible with any operating system, as long as a Firefox browser is installed and running. It also adds another member to the family of Firefox extensions developed by WebSitePulse. The first and very popular extension is the Current Status Display , which has been downloaded and installed more than 6,000 times since its initial release on August the 15 of 2007.

The next release of the Firefox recorder will include a Player for the recorded transactions and some minor improvements.