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October 31, 2007

WebSitePulse™ Introduces

For Customers willing to demonstrate their commitment to achieving 100% website uptime and availability and to achieving excellence in online customer experience by allowing public access to their up to date real-time status, uptime statistics, status changes and other details about their servers and websites, we started building a brand new directory called . The directory contains our Customers' public reports if they choose so. When creating or editing a public report, Customers can select this option, which will place the particular report in the publicly promoted and accessible directory.

Currently the functionality of the directory is relatively basic, displaying the most recent reports added and providing a simple search option. We will continue to develop the directory and add more options in the near future.

Public Reports can be displayed on the Internet to be accessed by the website customers and visitors or on company intranets for internal use, reference and quick access to real-time status of monitored servers, websites and web transactions, including up to date uptime statistics, status changes and other details. This option can provide access to the monitoring data for unlimited number of users and will save the time to log in the account and to access the status and statistics of each monitored server or website individually.

For Customers and visitors who are new to this topic, here are few examples of public reports:

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