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WebSitePulse 2016 Valentine's Day Online Retail Performance and Uptime Report

St. Valentine’s Day is near and it’s time to celebrate love. We buy chocolates, heart-shaped items, flowers, perfumes, lingerie and what not to acknowledge our feelings towards the woman or man we are in love with.

St. Valentine’s is also a great time for retailers who load their websites and stores with all Valentine’s-related items to encourage more people to express their feelings via products and services they offer.

Since more consumers are now turning towards online shopping, in order to sell online successfully, a retailer must not only have a pretty website and nice items to offer. His website must perform flawlessly. And, by “flawlessly” we mean the website needs to be fast (low response time) and must be available all the time (high uptime/low downtime).

As usual, we have decided to monitor some of the most popular websites for gifts, flowers and chocolates just out of pure curiosity. We’d like to know whether these websites are prepared to bear the heavy traffic load they’d experience during the two weeks prior to St. Valentine’s. If the website slows down or experiences downtime, it could lose its visitors who would naturally switch to a competitor’s website.

Below we can see details on how each of the monitored targets performs daily. This data is useful for the online retailers themselves as well as for all who are curious to compare the performance of some of the most popular websites for online shopping.

Needless to say, if a website is set up to be monitored regularly, errors could be detected prior to website visitors and problems could be resolved before these visitors go away.