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Features of the WebSitePulse Monitoring Service

Error detection and verification
Alert Notifications
Account Administration
  • 24/7 remote monitoring - monitor virtually any TCP/UDP service and device connected to the Internet
  • monitoring interval up to every minute - monitoring intervals can be set up at 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15 and higher minutes down to once every couple hours.
  • forced monitoring upon error detection - if you use lower monitoring intervals, like every 10 or 20 minutes, once an error is detected, monitoring automatically switches to every 1 or 3 minutes providing you with much quicker "recovery" status and notifications, and more precise uptime/downtime statistics
  • purpose-specific monitoring services - select between the different service-levels based on your requirements.
    • Server and network devices monitoring with support of PING, HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, FTP, POP3, SMTP, IMAP, SSH, Telnet, SIP, RTSP, Custom ports and other devices
    • Website monitoring with repeat or first time user simulation and support of HTTP, HTTPS and FTP
    • Web application and Web transaction monitoring supported by transactions recorders
    • Email round-trip
  • multiple monitoring locations selectable for each monitored target - for each target you can select the number of locations it will be monitored from and which particular locations will participate in the remote monitoring process
  • simultaneous monitoring from all selected locations - WebSitePulse measures your web pages, web systems and their components performance from all selected locations simultaneously. In case of a detected malfunction, data from simultaneous monitoring allows immediate and reliable allocation of the source of the problem. Thus troubleshooting is much faster and more efficient, the overall downtime is shorter, and your loss of revenue and traffic is minimized. Example: if a target has 3 locations and 5-minute interval, every 5 minutes each of the 3 locations will perform the specific check to this target. Most monitoring services are based on sequential measurements from multiple locations. In this case, your target is monitored from only one location at a time.
  • redundant global monitoring network with failover - all monitoring locations of our Global network are monitored for availability and connectivity. If any of them fails or loses connection to the internet, all monitoring processes are automatically transferred and start to perform from another monitoring location which is fully functional at that time
  • configurable downtime periods - if you have scheduled maintenance windows, configure for each target time periods during which monitoring will be automatically suspended and then automatically resumed at the end of the period to avoid unnecessary alerts
  • custom time zone for every target - select specific time-zone for every target based on its location or your preferences. All timestamps for this target are shown in its time-zone.
  • suspend/activate monitoring at any time - manually suspend monitoring of any or all targets and manually resume monitoring when needed

Error detection and verification
  • precise error detection and "triple stage" verification system - every error detected is verified from 3 additional resources before it is confirmed and recorded
  • detects the type of error - detects, notifies and reports the type of error and the specific response of the target
  • detects the stage at which the error occurred - with multi-step transactions and web applications monitoring detects the step at which the error occurred and provides details about it
  • trace route upon connectivity errors detected - every time a connectivity error is detected a trace route will be performed from the monitoring location to the monitored target and the results will be saved for future display in the reports. The trace route results can be included in the email alert
  • multi-level location correlated notification system based on the number of locations detecting an error - three levels can be selected by the Customer. Alerts are sent based on the number of the monitoring locations detecting the error
  • ping information - with every check our system can perform a PING test for measuring network lag
  • target dependency rules for alerts optimization - create custom dependency rules for each target where if a target depends on another one and the second one is down, no alerts will be sent for the first one, avoiding unnecessary alerts
  • detailed logs from the secondary monitoring locations involved in the verification process - for every error confirmed and recorded there are details provided from a secondary check from another location, which helps to better determine the cause of an error
  • complete status messages - full details about the response of the target when error is detected

Alert Notifications
  • multi-media alert notifications - alerts are sent through Email, SMS (text message), voice call, email to cell phone, Instant messenger, pager, SNMP trap and URL. Test these notification options
  • multi-level location specific and dependent notifications- notifications can be configured for each monitoring location for a specific target. You can select to be notified about errors from some locations and not from others. There is also an option where you can be notified from a specific location only if the others did not send any notifications.
  • advanced alert escalation schedule for each notification contact
    • receive alerts only for specific error types
    • receive alerts only after a specific number of failures
    • select the number of failure notifications to be sent if the problem continues
    • alert cycles - restart the alert cycle if a target is down for too long
  • configurable "do not disturb" periods for each contact - time periods during which no alerts will be sent to the contact.
  • custom alerts contents for every contact
    • different alerts for different errors
    • custom alert sender
    • custom message length
    • custom message contents with target-specific tags of information
  • custom time zone for every contact - select specific time-zone for every contact based on its location or your preferences. All timestamps for this contact are shown in its time zone.
  • target dependency rules for alerts optimization - create custom dependency rules for each target where if a target depends on another one and the second one is down, no alerts will sent for the first one, avoiding unnecessary alerts
  • multi-level location correlated notification system - detected errors are correlated in real time across multiple locations and notifications are sent only if all or certain number of monitoring locations report the same error.
    Three configuration levels are available:
    - normal - alerts are sent if at least one location has detected an error
    - strong - alerts are sent if at least 50% of the monitoring locations of a specific target have detected an error
    - strict - alerts are sent only if 100% of the locations monitoring a specific target have detected an error
  • SMS gateway selection - for better and faster SMS deliveries we maintain multiple SMS gateways. When creating or editing an SMS alert contact you can test and choose a default SMS gateway for each SMS contact in your account

  • real-time reports with overall and detailed information - variety of online reports containing up to the minute details from multiple monitoring locations including the latest checks made. Reports include daily, weekly and monthly summaries, uptime/downtime, average response times by day and week, status history by month and many more
  • detailed logs for every check, including secondary verification tests - detail logs are provided for every target for minimum of one month for free. Longer periods are available too.
  • response time break-down - provides details for DNS, connect, redirect time, first byte and last byte times. Detect the bottlenecks of your web sites and web applications
    • DNS resolve time - time needed to resolve the hostname of the monitored website. Indicates problems with your DNS servers and domain expiration
    • Connect time - time to connect to the monitored website or server. Indicates problems with your ISP or network
    • First byte - time for the initial server response. Might indicate load problems
    • Last byte - time to complete the test and download web page contents. Might indicate bandwidth problems or problems with some of the website components
  • custom Summary reports - variety of summary reports providing you with information about the performance and uptime/downtime of the specific target from different angels
  • uptime/downtime monthly summaries - provide uptime/downtime statistics for the life of the target
  • event log - view all monitoring events and actions for selected time period, target and alert notification contact
  • status history - see a history of the status and its changes for a specific target
  • multiple locations reports - compare the monitoring data and statistics from different monitoring locations of a specific target
  • a large number of graphs - every report is supported by graphs for easy trend spot for response times, comparing multiple locations, page component graphs
  • favorite reports - once you generate a report, add it to your favorite reports and in the future access it with a single click
  • timestamps in local time-zone - as each target has its own time-zone, all reports are shown in the target local time-zone
  • reports by email - any of the reports, daily, weekly or monthly can be set to be emailed to one or more email recipients in your account
  • trace route upon connectivity errors detected - every time a connectivity error is detected a trace route will be performed from the monitoring location to the monitored target and the results will be saved for future display in the reports. The trace route results can be included in the email alert
  • "snapshot" upon error - whenever an error is detected, a snapshot of the web page can be taken and saved. The snapshot can be viewed for every error later in the reports
  • "snapshot" of the last check - a snapshot of the web page from the last check is provided in the target details section regardless of the target status
  • download raw monitoring data - the raw logs are available for download in various formats (XML, CSV, TXT), which then can be used to create your own reports
  • advanced public reports - create individual or summary reports which can be displayed on your website or any other public domain. The reports are real time and are updated with the monitoring interval of the target and can have a custom design to fit in the web page where displayed
  • advanced real-time WSDL API - your applications can connect to our system and get real time data about a monitored target.

Account Administration
  • web-based control panel - access real-time current status, reports and details about your targets from any browser. Manage, edit, add and remove targets and notification reports. Access your account information and manage multiple users with individual access rights
  • web-based PDA- and Smartphone-compatible control panel - now you can access real-time current status, reports and details about your targets "on the go". This version provides some of the main control panel screens and functionalities in PDA-browser format.
  • multi-user support - create and manage unlimited number of users for the account. Every user can have individual read/write permissions for every section of the control panel
  • system log - keep track of all activities in the account. Activities reports can be generated for a specific or all users for defined time period
  • billing history - complete billing history of the account with online access to all you past invoices in printable format for your records
  • account summary - provides "at a glance" summary of all targets and contacts with their individual settings and prices

  • 24/7 free customer support - live customer and sales support is available 24/7 by phone and email along with extensive "Help" section for the WebSitePulse monitoring services
  • remote hands - if you are on the road or away from your computer and receive alert notification call our support team 24/7 and they will provide you with details about the problem, run diagnostic tests, perform simple operations with your hardware in order to help you determine the cause of the problem and resume normal operation of the device quickly
  • take over - at certain time periods of day and night or weekend you can transfer all your alerts to our 24/7 live support team who will receive them and will act upon predefined instructions provided by you and your IT staff. I.e. when they receive an alert, they will check your instructions and reboot a server, or contact next level of support or anything else that you would do. We will act as you within the limits of the instructions you provide us.
  • customer driven - our monitoring services and their options together with our customer support are driven by our customer needs and requirements.

  • 30 days free trial - try for free any of our monitoring service levels without any limitation. Experience fully featured monitoring configurations with up to 3 monitored targets per account. There is no credit card or other billing information required to open a free trial account and no commitment on your side
  • pay only for the services you use - every target is configured individually and its price depends on the type, monitoring interval and additional options. With our extremely flexible pricing you will pay only for what you use. There are no service plans where you will have to pay for services, locations and options you do not need
  • prorated billing based on your actual usage - the first month of service will be prorated based only on the number of days the services are used. You can make changes to existing monitored targets, add or remove targets at any time and all the changes are calculated in real time and prorated for the month they occurred. New targets and removed targets are also prorated only for the number of days they were monitored.
  • most competitive pricing - we have committed to providing our customers with the best service in its class at the most competitive prices. If you have a pricing issue, our dedicated team will work with you to meet your technical goals at the best possible price for you
  • 30-day money back guarantee - we guarantee unconditionally all our services for 30 days from the time your account becomes "paid" without considering the "free trial" period of your account.
  • we'll beat any price for comparable services - if you have an offer for comparable services from another service provider we will adjust our pricing to deliver a better price to you
  • no set up fee - we do not charge a set up fee when you create a service account with us
  • no cancellation fees - if you need or decide to cancel your services, we will not charge you a cancellation fee
  • no contracts - no contract is required in order to use our services. Use our services for as long as you need them.
  • discounts - prepayment discounts are available for 6 and 12 month periods. As discounts rates vary, please contact our Customer support for further details.