Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to download and install client software on my website to use your monitoring service?
Absolutely not. We monitor your website, server or web application remotely over the web, so WebSitePulse does not require any software at the client side.

My Website is hosted with an ISP. How would your monitoring services help me?
Your ISP cannot check if your website is accessible from outside, where your customers are. When monitors your website, it does it remotely simulating your real customers’ experience.

Is your website secure?
Yes. The website uses a "Secure Socket Layer" (SSL) to protect all data provided by our customers. Only authorized personnel have access to this data for the sole purpose of processing service orders. As a result of our efforts to protect your Security and Privacy, we do not keep any of your financial information on our servers. We accept responsibility for your information while in our direct possession.

I have more questions before I decide to use your services. How do I get answers?
You can call us at 1-888-WSPULSE (977-8573), available 24/7, email us at or just use the live chat at and one of our service representatives will gladly assist you. If your question is more complicated, someone else will call you back with the right answer.

How to prevent web browsers from caching?
The problem is that sometimes web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox show old pages of WebSitePulse's Current Status page, etc.

Solution 1: While hitting the refresh web button of the browser, hold the Shift key (or press Shift+F5). This must tell the browser to fetch the page from the server even if the page is already in the browser's cache.

Solution 2: Force the browser to check not to use cached pages:
For IE go to menu, click on Tools/ Internet options / Settings (at Temporary Internet files block) / Check for new pages: ->each visit to the page.
For Google Chrome go to menu, click on Settings / Show advanced settings / Network / General tab / Settings (at Temporary Internet files block) / Check for new pages: ->every time I visit web pages

How can I prevent monitoring from throwing off my website statistics?
You can exclude our monitoring agent's visits from your statistics by filtering out our IPs or user-agent string.
You can find the IPs for each monitoring location in the “Show all monitoring locations” section in each target's settings section or here.