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The Help section is designed to provide you with the answers to all your questions, with explanation of terms used in this website and with some of the most popular questions our clients and users have asked about our advanced monitoring services.

If you still do not find the answer and would like to talk to a Customer service representative, please contact our support team 24/7.

Knowledge base - the 10 most popular
  • URL Screenshot
  • Mail Round-trip scenarios
  • Target type categories
  • Accept-Language HTTP header
  • Include Traceroute Information
  • Forced monitoring on failure
  • Location Correlated Notification Level
  • Protocol and Content related alerts
  • HTTP basic target type
  • SMTP Authentication

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    Frequently asked questions - the 10 most popular
  • What is a Ping?
  • What exactly is being checked and monitored?
  • I'm concerned about someone hacking my website. Can you help?
  • Do I have to download and install client software on my website to use your monitoring service?
  • What happens if your system detects a problem with my monitored website and web server?
  • How can I prevent monitoring from throwing off my website statistics?
  • Do you provide WAP monitoring?
  • What happens if the problem with my website persists?
  • I can monitor my own servers locally. Why do I need WebSitePulse.com?
  • Is your monitoring service guaranteed?

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    Glossary - the 10 most popular
  • SNMP
  • Outside the Firewall
  • First Byte Time
  • DNS error
  • Domain name
  • Web application
  • Fullpage Frames
  • Connect Time
  • Web Transaction
  • HTTP Request

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