Monitor SSL/TLS enabled servers

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and its successor TLS (Transport Layer Security) are protocols that enables secure transfers of data through privacy, authentication, and data integrity. It relies upon certificates, public keys, and private keys.
You should activate the "Use SS/TLS" feature to monitor SSL/TLS enabled servers like POP3S, IMAPS or SMTPS. Please notice that the SSL servers normally run on different ports - for example POP3 runs on port 110 while POP3S is running on port 995. If you try to monitor an SSL enabled server without specifying the correct port or activating the "Use SSL" option it is highly possible that you will receive an error alert.
In addition to using an encrypted connection over a dedicated port all email protocols over a way to upgrade an unencrypted connection using the STARTTLS/STLS methods


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