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April 21, 2006

WebSitePulse Reports about Tax Websites Performance

Dear Valued Customer,

We are pleased to inform you that we have finalized our 2006 Tax Websites Performance and Uptime Report, which is part of the Web Performance and Uptime Tracking Program. The program measures the website response time and website availability of popular online destinations, and reflects the End Users' experience related to major Holidays and other important events.

All monitored tax websites performed without interruptions or major deviations from their normal response times during the last two weeks of the 2006 tax season. Usually, their traffic increases 20% to 100% during this time of the year but the supporting web systems, web applications, and web-infrastructure offered reliable access and consistently high-quality web services to the large crowds of late e-filers.

The Tax Websites included in our Report were selected based on the last year increase in traffic data and overall search engine visibility. Web performance was measured for a typical 3-step web transaction, every 15 minutes, from the San Francisco, Chicago, and Washington DC monitoring locations, to best reflect the End Users' experience. The WebSitePulse application monitoring service was used to collect data and to create the reports. The results were summarized, and published daily on our website; RSS feed was also available.

As a global web monitoring service provider, we are inviting our International Customers once again to submit their ideas and suggestions for important events or Holidays in their own countries and regions that might impact the Internet traffic volume and the web performance of popular online destinations. We will be happy to create Custom Performance Tracking Reports related to these events, and to use our expertise to correlate the results with the overall online shopping experience in these countries.

Thank you for your business, and takeITeasy™ with WebSitePulse™

Iavor Marinoff - CEO