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February 16, 2006

WebSitePulse Launches Performance Tracking Reports

Dear Valued Customer,

We are pleased to inform you that we just finalized our Valentine's Day Retail Performance and Uptime Report for 2006, which is part of the Online Retail Performance and Uptime Tracking program. The program measures the website response time and website availability of popular online shopping destinations, and reflects the End Users' experience related to various important events.

WebSitePulse first opened up its system to free website monitoring raising funds after the hurricanes in 2004 and 2005, as well as after the tsunami in Asia last summer. The Web Performance Tracking Reports continue the tradition for WebSitePulse to offer its web monitoring resources to the benefit of the IT professionals, and to contribute to the improvement of the Internet environment for the benefit of its millions of users.

All Performance Tracking Reports are based on multi-step e-business web transaction monitoring to better reflect the real end-users' experience interacting with the subject websites. The WebSitePulse application monitoring service was used to collect data and to create the reports.

The latest report - 2006 Valentine's Day - includes hourly web performance data for greater "visibility" of the online shopping patterns.

For the first time in the web monitoring industry, RSS capabilities were added to the Daily Reports to increase the Users' convenience.

Finally, as a global web monitoring service provider, we are inviting our International Customers to submit their ideas and suggestions for important events or Holidays in their own countries that might impact the Internet traffic volume and the performance of popular online destinations. We will be happy to create Custom Performance Tracking Reports related to these events, and to use our expertise to correlate the results with the overall online shopping experience in these countries.

Thank you for your business, and takeITeasy™ with WebSitePulse™

Iavor Marinoff - CEO