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November 16, 2005

The New WebSitePulse and some Exclusive Promotions

Dear Valued Customer,

It is my great pleasure to announce the Beta launch of our completely re-engineered and redesigned web monitoring system, and to extend an invitation to you to visit us at www.websitepulse.com.

New services were added to the existing offerings, and the entire functional platform is brought to a higher level of sophistication. A set of best-in-class options and a number of innovative features were integrated into the system for the ultimate benefit of all our Customers.
Some of the most exciting changes include:

  • Optimized - per monitored Target - calculation of the cost, resulting in substantial cost savings, compared to the account-centered pricing model;
  • Individual, Target-specific configurations, providing our Customers with even more flexibility and control;
  • Improved reports and charts with more data critical to your web-performance analysis;
  • Customer-specified levels of user-access for each individual account;
  • Flexible multi-media alert notifications configuration and options;
  • Forced monitoring upon error detection;
  • Remote hands service;
  • Take over service

- all designed and implemented with our Customers' convenience and cost benefit in mind.

The Beta testing stage will enable us to take into consideration all your comments, suggestions, and recommendations. Therefore, we will value every single opinion and advice you might have on how to make the new and system even easier to use, smoother to navigate, and more supportive to your e-business goals.

Visit www.websitepulse.com to open a free new account and to give us your feedback.

Here are our ways to express our appreciation:

  • Experience the full power of our new system by creating a monitoring configuration of your choice today. Your new account will be free until the end of the Beta in December, and there won't be any obligations after that.
  • Open your new account now and keep it after the end of the Beta to enjoy our promotional 15% discount until the end of 2006.
  • By opening a new account now - before the end of the Beta - you will also be eligible for the chance to win $ 1000 worth of monitoring services. Ten of the new accounts will be selected with a draw, and announced on the day of our official opening in December. The $ 1000 will apply to your new account after the end of the Beta (it's free until then). And when you have used them completely, you will start enjoying the 15% promotional discount for another 52 weeks. That's how double luck works.
  • But you could have a triple luck, as well, and win one of our 3 Creative Muvo MP3 Players. Just give us your feedback using the "Talk back to us" notepads on each page of your account control panel.

Open your new account now

Come to see us at www.websitepulse.com, experience the full power of our new system, and enjoy the benefits of our exclusive offers.

Best regards and


Iavor Marinoff