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February 07, 2007 website unavailable for shopping more than 6 hours on February 07th

According to WebSitePulse, the website was unavailable for shopping starting from 8:53 am up until 2:55 pm EST on February 07th. The website of one of the leading retailers experienced severe availability problems, timing out on most probes at the home page, which is the very first page of the simulated shopping transaction, or at the rare event the index page is successfully opened, it times out at some of the consecutive steps of the monitored transaction process. According to the WebSitePulse experts, this behavior indicates very heavy load to the website which cannot be handled by the web system has in place. WebSitePulse monitoring agent in Chicago, IL first detected the malfunction at 08:53 pm EST, and triggered the alarm. functionality was immediately tested from multiple locations on our network, as well as by an authorized technician, as part of our false alarm prevention procedure. The monitoring logs revealed that the problems began at around 08:30 when the response times of the probes began to climb up and around 9:00am the timeout thresholds were reached. The service was restored at 2:55 pm EST and the response times of the web transaction measured from all monitoring locations involved in this report came down to their normal levels. is included in the 2007 Valentine's Day Retail Performance and Uptime Report generated daily by WebSitePulse between February 1st and February 14th, 2007 and available through an RSS feed.