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January 22, 2007

WebSitePulse releases an improved version of the "cache", "snapshot" and "raw data" features

WebSitePulse "cache", "snapshot" and "raw data" features save images of the monitored web pages, server responses and web transactions as lastly "seen" by the monitoring agent and when an error is detected. Customers using server monitoring, website monitoring and application monitoring services can benefit from the "cache" option at no additional cost, while the "snapshot" and "raw data" features are available for a minimal monthly fee.

The "Cache" feature enables WebSitePulse Customers to see the monitored web pages and web transactions through the "eyes" of their End Users from various worldwide geographic locations. The End Users' perspective is critical to the success of any e-business operation, and the cached information helps the IT managers and webmasters in their efforts to optimize the web systems availability and performance.

With the latest improvements, in addition to the Cached images, now raw data returned to the WebSitePulse monitoring agent by the monitored servers, network components and other web systems when error is detected, is recorded and accessible by WebSitePulse Customers, allowing them to troubleshoot not only failed websites and web applications, but also problematic servers and network components including HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, SMTP, POP3, SQL, etc.