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April 20, 2006

WebSitePulse Summarizes the Results of its 2006 Tax Websites Performance and Uptime Report

Between April 1st and 17th, 2006, WebSitePulse monitored twelve of the most popular tax websites with the highest increase in traffic during the same period last year, and with best overall search engine visibility. Web performance was measured for a typical 3-step web-transaction, using the application monitoring service, every 15 minutes, from the San Francisco, Chicago, and Washington DC web monitoring locations, to best reflect the End Users experience.

WebSitePulse reports that all monitored tax websites performed without interruptions or major deviations from their normal response times during the last two weeks of the 2006 tax season. Usually, their traffic increases between 20 and 100% during this time of the year but their websites, web systems and web applications offered reliable access and consistently high-quality services to the large crowds of late e-filers.

The results were summarized, published daily and offered to the public in the WebSitePulse Performance and Uptime Reports and through RSS feeds.