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WebSitePulse 2023 Tax Performance and Uptime Report

The US tax season is a yearly event that takes place between January 1st and April 15th, during which individuals and businesses are required to file their income tax returns with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The process can be complex and time-consuming, as taxpayers must gather and report information on their income, expenses, and deductions from the previous year. However, failure to file taxes on time or accurately can result in penalties and fines, making it essential for taxpayers to prepare their tax returns carefully. Despite the challenges, many people look forward to tax season as an opportunity to receive a refund or settle their tax obligations for the year.

This year the Internal Revenue Service announced the start of the US tax season 2023 on Monday, January 23d, 2023, when the tax agency started accepting and processing individuals' 2022 tax year returns.

The standard deadline for US citizens filing a US tax return is April 18th, 2023. However, expats are granted an automatic two-month extension for filing their US tax returns, which extends the US tax filing deadline for expats to June 15th, 2023. They may also request additional extensions if needed.

E-filing or electronic filing is one of the most convenient ways to file your tax report. It offers a fast, convenient, and secure way to file tax returns, making it a popular choice for millions of taxpayers annually.

During the tax season, the major e-filling websites will experience much heavier traffic, which may slow down your process or even interrupt it. As a result, you may fail to submit your tax refund or lose all the information you have been filling out.

Every year, WebSitePulse monitors popular tax refund websites' response time and uptime during tax season to see how they handle the heavy traffic. Then we report their performance and availability daily. We have picked the 12 most popular websites to monitor and compare their performance.

The reports reflect the tax websites' home pages' performance, any web transaction process, and websites' response time and uptime. To be more specific, measurements of e-transactions are made every 15 minutes from 3 different monitoring locations in the US. Also, to ensure the monitoring recordings' accuracy, we use a false alarm prevention system and error verification controls. We will publish the tax-return websites response and uptime reports after April 04th, 2023, where you can find uptime, performance, and availability information.