WebSitePulse Transaction Recorder

Latest Version:
Click here to download

Latest Version Highlights:
  • Added support for transactions with duplicate steps;
  • Added support for saving locally and re-opening of recorded transactions;
  • Added support for Performance and Full-Page transactions;
  • Enhanced menus and buttons;
  • Limited Windows theme support capabilities;
  • Recorded data encoding enhancements;
  • Minor bugfixes.

  • Supports login forms and form submital;
  • Supports secure pages (HTTPS);
  • Supports frames, iframes and AJAX calls;
  • Supports popup windows;
  • Supports Java-Script;
  • Playback of the recorded transaction;
  • Supports saving to hard disk and opening of recorded transactions;
  • Suitable for recording of Performance and Full-Page Transactions;
  • Limited support for AJAX calls.

Installation instructions:
  • Download the latest version from here;
  • Close the WebSitePulse Transaction Recorder if it is running;
  • Run the downloaded setup.exe file;
  • Follow the installation steps;
  • Run the newly installed Transaction Recorder.