WAP Control Panel for cell phones

Our Customers who use WAP browsers on their cell phones can access their control panel at http://wap.websitepulse.com. Now Customers can check the real time status of their servers and websites at any time 24/7 and get quick access to the details of failed targets and the detailed status of every target.

If you are using a PDA or a SmartPhone, please check its control panel details.

WAP login page. Log in with your username and password the same way you do with your web browser!

The Current Status screen informs you if all targets are up and provides quick navigation to the Details screens of all failed targets, if any.

The Current Status screen also lists all targets in your account, providing easy access to the Details screen of any target in your account

The Target Details screen shows information about the current status of the target and the last checks from all locations monitoring the target.

If you have comments or recommendations about the PDA or the regular versions of the WebSitePulse Control Panel please let us know. We appreciate your feedback.