Maximum depth level

The WebSitePulse Fullpage monitoring agent will retrieve and parse the HTML from the given URL, retrieving the URLs to all files the HTML document is referring to. If the maximum depth level is set to a value higher than zero it will search for links in the downloaded HTML and CSS files and those to the testing queue. It will check all links recursively until the maximum depth level is reached or the maximum number of links specified in the targets configuration is reached. Every unique link will be tested only once, so if there are more than one references to a single file it will be skipped after the first test.

The number of files that will be tested is limited by the value in the targets "Basic Configuration". Therefore if you need to check a larger site with a lot of links you should increase the number of references that will be tested. Additionally the agent will not test for links any binary files or references that are configured to be tested for availability only.

To check the performance of a single web page including all inline components you should set the "Maximum depth level" value to 0 and configure the test levels according to your needs.

Some web pages display images that are referenced from an external css file using a ... url('/images/bg.gif'); ... syntax. To test those files you should set the "Maximum depth level" to 1 and enable the "Check download speeds" for the inline components like CSS. To avoid testing the other web pages the monitored URL refers to , you should uncheck the "Check download speeds" box for links and other external components.

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