Exclude URLs from a fullpage test

This feature allows you to specify URLs that will not be tested even if present in the monitored page. It could be very useful in case you want to exclude certain page elements from being tested. For example if you use a tracking image and do not want the requests from our monitoring agent to appear in your website statistics. Other case when you might need such an option is if your site shows third-party content over which you have no control and which is not relevant to your website performance from a monitoring point of view.

To disallow certain page from being tests you should add those in the "Exclude URLs" field. Please add only one URL per line using full links only. For example:


You can also use * as a wild card at the beginning and/or the end of the URL to match more than one similar URLs.
For example http://www.domain.com/* will exclude all URLs which start with http://www.domain.com/, but will allow secure URLs from https://www.domain.com/.

Using *keyword* will exclude any URLs that contain the selected keyword. This can be useful when you need to disable all the sub-domains for a domain. For example *adclick.com* will block the following URLs:


If an asterisk (*) is found within the URL it will not be treated as a wild card symbol but as a regular character.

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