Include additional URLs to a fullpage test

The include URLs feature allows you to specify URLs that will be tested even if they are not present in the monitored page.
It could be very useful in case you want to test some additional web components that are currently not part of the monitored page. For example this option could be useful if you want assess the effect of adding a tracking image or some other third-party content without actually displaying it on your site.
Another case when you might need to add your URLs manually is when your site uses JavaScript or AJAX to access external web resources. Due the nature of our monitoring agent some of this resources might be omitted from the test.

To append some links to the queue of URLs being tested you should add those in the "Include URLs" field. Please add only one URL per line using full links only. For example:

There is no limit to the number of URLs you can add, but some of them might not be tested if the total number of links including those retrieved from your web site exceeds the limit specified in your basic configuration. In this case you should consider modifying your targets configuration and increasing the maximum number of references that will be tested.

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