Soft timeout alerts

The "Soft Timeout" configuration option allows you to receive alerts when the target's response time is below the timeout limit, but within certain soft timeout limits. The 'Soft Timeout' limits can be different for each notification contact, so you could set different contacts to receive alerts for the different response time values.

To configure the "Soft Timeout" alerts you should first enable it from the target's "Basic Configuration" and afterwards set the individual timeout limits for each contact that will receive these alerts at the "Alerts Configuration" page. To disable the "Soft Timeout" alerts for a specific contact just leave the "Min Timeout" and the "Max timeout" fields empty or set them to 0.

For example if the timeout limit of a target is 30 seconds but you would like "Contact 1" to receive alerts when the response time is higher than 10 sec, additionally alert "Contact 2" for response times higher than 20 seconds and no alerts to be sent to "Contact 3" unless there is a confirmed failure, you should setup the following configuration:

1. Enable "Soft Timeout" in the target's "Basic Configuration"
2. Go to the "Alerts Configuration" page and set the "Min Timeout" and the "Max timeout" fields like this:
Contact 11030
Contact 22030
Contact 300

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