Include Traceroute Information

Because of the load it could impose on the network and the delay it might cause to the monitoring procedure, the traceroute execution time is limited to a minute and traceroute information is sent only with connection related problems for example when the connection times out or when there is no route to your host.

The traceroute information will be included in the notifications which are sent to your email contacts. Additionally the traceroute results will be available in your "Daily Log" reports.

Please notice that some ISPs block these packets and thus you can receive the wrong impression that your server is offline.

Traceroute will start its probe using UDP port number 33434. Traceroute hopes that nothing is listening on UDP ports 33434 to 33463 at the destination host (so an ICMP PORT_UNREACHABLE message will be returned to terminate the route tracing). This could look like a port scanning to some of the intrusion detection systems (IDS) so if you plan to use this feature be sure to configure your firewall or IDS to allow ICMP packets to be sent to these ports from our monitoring locations.

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