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Frequently asked questions
  • What is a Ping?
  • I'm concerned about someone hacking my website. Can you help?
  • What exactly is being checked and monitored?
  • Do you accept credit cards?
  • How can I prevent monitoring from throwing off my website statistics?
  • Do I have to download and install client software on my website to use your monitoring service?
  • Do you provide WAP monitoring?
  • What happens if your system detects a problem with my monitored website and web server?
  • How can I monitor a secure IMAP?
  • Will your service affect the performance of my site?
  • How do I know my website is operating correctly again?
  • If I cancel my account in the middle of the month, are you going to charge me for the whole month?
  • If I open my account in the middle of the month, how much will you charge me for the current month?
  • What is the billing cycle and when do you bill me for your services?
  • Does guarantee my privacy?

  • Email contact
  • Traceroute
  • SMS contact
  • HTTP status codes
  • First Byte Time
  • HTTP / HyperText Transfer Protocol
  • Web application
  • Outside the Firewall
  • SNMP / Simple Network Management Protocol
  • Rich Internet Applications (RIA)
  • DNS error
  • Redirect Time
  • SIP / Session Initiation Protocol
  • Open source
  • Link

  • Configure Alert Dependencies
  • Safely Monitor Backend Databases
  • Check WHOIS records for status changes

    Knowledge base
  • URL Screenshot
  • Pager Number Examples
  • Takeover Services
  • FTP Basic Target Type
  • SIP response status codes
  • Target type categories
  • Check date
  • Mail Round-trip scenarios
  • Accept-Language HTTP header
  • Forced monitoring on failure
  • Include Traceroute Information
  • Dashboard Help
  • HTTP basic target type
  • Protocol and Content related alerts
  • Transaction Steps Hostname

    Usage tips
  • Where is the Current Status
  • Current Status for your Google page
  • Save Your Dashboard Settings
  • Configure your Country-specific Date Formats
  • Using Tooltips for quick access to details
  • Using Firefox browser? Take the Current Status with you.