Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is being checked and monitored?
We check and monitor the availability, response time, DNS lookup and relative performance of your website and its server protocols. We also check the file size of a particular page, the content and if predefined keywords are found. For more details please refer to the Features page.

What types of applications are monitored?
The service monitors HTTP web servers; HTTPS secure web servers, SMTP and POP3 email servers, FTP, DNS, Telnet and any custom protocols. is constantly adding new features and additional application types to keep up with our clients' changing needs.

What should I monitor?
To ensure that your website is working properly, all available servers need to be monitored. These are: the HTTP server which delivers you website pages, the HTTPS server if you have secure area on your website and use the Secure server, the FTP server if you provide files for download to your customers, SMTP and POP3 servers to make sure your incoming and outgoing email is moving, etc.

I can monitor my own servers locally. Why do I need
Often, your servers appear to be working just fine from within your office. You can retrieve web pages, ping the router, etc. does more than monitoring the up/down status of your website and web server. Individual servers (SMTP, DNS, HTTP, etc) are checked with their respective protocols to ensure the server itself is responding properly. Most importantly, tells you if your servers are really available to your customers and to the rest of the world, because we perform monitoring over the internet from different worldwide locations. You will always know with certainty that mail is deliverable, that your DNS server is resolving or that your website is returning requests and delivering content.

How often does check my site?
Our service monitors and checks your specified Website protocols and pages you have specified every 1 min, 2 mins, 3 mins, 5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins, 20 mins, 30 mins, 1 hour, 2 hours, 6h ours, 12 hours, 1 day, based on your selections.

Can I monitor more than one Website with
Absolutely yes. can monitor as many web sites as you wish with your service account and you will just need to set up the Web domains and addresses of the sites you would like to monitor.

Does your service support Secure Socket Layer for ecommerce transactions?
Yes, capabilities include the monitoring of Web pages that require Secure Socket Layer connections. This will enable you to monitor all your "https" sites for performance, response time and downtime.

What happens if your monitoring server goes down?
We monitor from multiple stations at diverse data centers. If a primary server fails, one of the remaining servers will immediately take on primary service with a synchronized copy of all data. Our servers monitor each other as well as your site.

Will your service affect the performance of my site?
No. Our engine looks like any other website visitor to your site.

Does service work through a firewall?
Yes. You need to set up your firewall to accept traffic from our IP addresses. For more information, please contact us and we will provide you with all the details.

What is a Ping?
'Ping' is a network utility that monitors the time delay and reliability of messages sent across the network. A small message is sent, and the receiving computer immediately sends a response message. By monitoring the time delay and percentage of responses that are received, we can estimate the network reliability and latency.

To see how it works, try our free Ping Test Tool.

Can you monitor wireless routers?
Our service allows you to monitor routers and other devices, which are not listening on a specific port, using the "PING basic" target monitoring type - our monitoring agent will try to ping the device on a regular basis and will alert you if the device is unreachable (a 100% packet loss is reported). We are also offering the so called "Custom port" monitoring which allows you to specify a non-standard port to be monitored.

Do you provide WAP monitoring?
You can monitor your WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) page using our standard HTTP monitoring. You can also view your Current status at our

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