Windows Transaction Recorder Help

Skip StepPress the "Skip Step" button to skip a page. The recorder will delete the last recorded URL, and will let you continue from the current page;
Step BackPress the "Step Back" button to go back to the previous recorded page. The Recorder will delete the last recorded URL (similar to "Skip Page" function) and will allow you to continue the recording from the previous page;
Play TransactionPress "Play" to replay the recorded transaction;
Edit StepsPress "Edit" to open the Control Panel to see or edit the recorded URLs settings; Press the "Delete" key on your computer keyboard to delete an undesired URL. You have to select it first;
Reset TransactionPress "Reset" to restart the entire process of recording from "scratch";
Upload TransactionPress "Upload" to upload the recorded transaction as a Target into your WebSitePulse account. At this point, you will need your user name and the key (listed above);

You can also Save a Recorded Transaction to your Desktop PC for future use. Once you have the recorded transaction, select File/Save as, navigate to the desired folder, enter a name and click Save. A saved transaction can be opened from File/Open.

Having Problems Recording? The best way to provide us with details about the problems you have is to select "Report a Problem" from the Help menu at the top left corner of the Recorder program. Enter the requested information and Submit. The recorded transaction will be automatically attached to the message and sent to us, which will speed up the process of assisting you. In addition to this, you can always contact us by phone or email at:

toll free: 1-888-WSPULSE (977-8573)
International: 1-407-380-1600

To download the latest version of the WebSitePulse Transaction Recorder please follow this link:

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