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module controls
refresh refresh module contents
down move module DOWN
up move module UP
collapse collapse module contents
expand expand module contents
remove remove module (removed modules can be restored at any time)

Settings menu
  • Revert to Saved Settings - reset the page to the configuration saved with the Save Settings command
  • Reset to Default Settings - reset the page to the default configuration and clear the saved settings from the User Profile
  • Show/Hide Controls - show or hide the control buttons of every module
  • Restore Hidden Modules - restore all hidden modules without resetting the page and without clearing the saved settings from the User Profile
  • Save Settings - save the page layout configuration in the User Profile so it is available from another computer. This item is optional and appears only when changes to the page have been made.
  • User Settings - link to the User Settings page where security and visual settings can be changed

How to Save User's custom settings
All changes to the Target Details Page layout are stored in a cookie on your computer. To save the configuration permanently, use the link at the bottom of the page which will be displayed once a change is made, or click "Save Settings" under "Settings" in the top right corner of the page.

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