URL Contacts

The URL contacts will open a specific page in case of an alert event. This service can be used to reboot your server or to perform any other action that can be triggered by opening a specific web page. The WebSitePulse monitoring agent supports both HTTP and HTTPS (secure HTTP) protocols and the URL can be requested using GET or POST request methods.

The alert details are sent as a single GET or POST parameter that is appended to your URL so you can record them in your database or process them within your web application. It is recommendable to modify the alert contents for this contact so you could process the information sent by our monitoring agent more easily.

For example if you set the content of the alert that is set in connection errors to

< label >,< targettype >,< status >,< date >,< resptime >

you will get a comma-separated list that includes the name and the type of the monitored target, the error message from our monitoring agent, the date/time the problem was detected and the total response time.

A sample URL with the notification message attached looks like this


To use URL contacts that require basic HTTP authentication you should include the username and the password in the following way


Both the username and the password should be URL encoded. For example if your username is myname@domain.com the URL contact should be entered like


Alerts to the URL contacts are free.

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