A mission-critical subscription-based remote website, web server and web transaction monitoring service, providing accessibility, availability and performance monitoring with real time alert and reporting services for Internet-connected Web Systems. WebSitePulse will monitor up to every 1 minute virtually any TCP- or UDP-enabled Internet Web System, including but not limited to:

# Web Sites
# Web Servers (HTTP)
# Secure Web Servers (HTTPS)
# Domain Name Servers (DNS)
# E-mail Servers (SMTP, POP, IMAP)
# Telnet Servers (Telnet, SSH)
# Custom Servers and Applications
# Routers and Firewalls
# Website content and forms
# CGI, ASP, PHP and other Scripts
# Secure Web Page Performance
# E-business Web Transactions

Be informed! Whenever your website becomes inaccessible, returns incorrect data, displays unauthorized contents, or responds slowly to connection requests,WebSitePulse will alert you within seconds of the event via email, Phone Call, SMS, cell phone, pager or instant messaging.

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